sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012


she is the new DANCEloid,her name is yume shoraine
pic by me
UTAU wikia page : http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/Yume_Shoraine

VB download + oto.ini beta= here

Original by hatsune miku
Hope you like it :)

Yume shoraine's profile:

Name: Yume Shoraine 夢将来音(sound of future dreams/el sonido de los sueños futuros)
height: X,XX cm
weight: xx kg
favourite colour: green and pink
Edad: xx (no tiene edad,como no es real)
item: a flower and a pink rabbit

PERSONALITY: She is a dream, so it does not exist,she comes from an alternate future,her personality is very quiet but sweet, cheerful but sometimes this is a good person,she has a strange connection with rabbits,she describes herself in a sentence if you see me, you're dreaming.

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