domingo, 24 de julio de 2011


The Danceloids are a special class of utau

we are creators, Mania211 and nekoloid
There are only 4 danceloids:

Danceloids by nekoloid:

Sonia Melody:
Name:Sonia Melody (:ソニア  MElODY)
Gender: Female
Birthday:21 of dec
Item:a blackberry and a plastic hammer 
Personality:Sonia is a girl of 18 years old, his character is fuertep but friendly, sometimes mistaken for a girl of 15 years, is like the older sister Ami Ichigawa,Kimi Ichigawa and Yumi Ichigawai

                                                                Danceloids by Mania211:


Name:Ami Ichigawa(アミ市川)
Gender: Female
Birthday:27 of february
Item: a paintbrush and a blueberry
Personality:is a very quiet and kind girl, a great artist with a powerful voice, she because of numerous errors with your voicebank known as the erroneous utau


Name:Yumi Ichigawa(ユミ市川)
Gender: Female
Birthday:27 of february
Item: spray paint and a strawberry
Personality:she is awkward and active, loves sports, is almost the opposite of her twin ami, she is outgoing and has no shame, his voice also has errors.


 Name:Kimi Ichigawa(キミ市川)
Gender: Female
Birthday:15 apr 
Item: pink pencil and a acorn
Personality:She is very sweet but somewhat grumpy, they like to tease his sisters.