domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Ami's future?

in this picture are the silhouettes of 2 appends and 2 extra(each ''extra'' represents a language that she will be singing)

en este dibujo se encuentran las siluetas de 2 appends y 2 extra(cada ''extra'' representa un idioma que Ami cantará)

are not in order/no estan en orden

:star: silhouette ??? : power,sweet,chibi,soft (in frebruary)
:star: silhouette ??? : adult,dark,vivid,solid (in ???)
:star: silhouette ??? : VB 100% ??? language (in ???)
:star: silhouette ??? : VB 100% ??? language (in ???)

more videos

Here are more videos of my utaus
Song: Matryoshka
original singers: miku hatsune and megpoid gumi
singers: ami ichigawa act 1.6 and iroha nekomura

song: i=fantasy korean full ver.
singer: Ami ichigawa act 1.6
original singer: SeeU 

song: Ten faced/juu-mensou
singer: Ami Ichigawa act 1.6
original singer: V3 megpoid

song: choose me
singers: Sonia Melody act 1,MEIKO and GACKPOID

song: meltdown
singer: Yumi ichigawa act2( Ami ichigawa append chibi β  for chorus) 

Append test

aqui vereis un test del append de ami ichigawa

Here we see a test of Ami Ichigawa append

                          will premiere in February